Day Today: 05

I don’t do these anymore but just came across this piece of artwork I did for fun two years ago.. The aim was to understand and make something out of… Read More →

Day Today: 04

Today’s lovely piece of inspiration comes from this refreshing CG recreated scene from the Futurama TV series by Alexy Zakharov. Futurama 3d (test shot) from seccovan on Vimeo.

Day Today: 03

Life is a fragile gift that can’t be glued, in Porcelain, a short film directed & animated by Erik Andersson in Cinema 4D rendered with Vray

Day Today: 02

With the evolution of 3D animation making traditional 2D, line animation extinct, watching this made me realize how beautiful and how wrong it is to completely discard a beautiful and mesmerizing for and way of animating.

Day Today: 01

At first, I wasn’t sure about what I was watching, nor did I know what to expect, but every transformation kept me wondering and wanting more.

New Shots

Some new shots taken on my Canon 400D with a Canon-fit Tamron zoom-macro 70-210 f/2:0. Colour grading done in Adobe Lightroom. View all the shots on the Animals and Nature… Read More →